My favorite​ Beaches on The Atlantic

Ocean and sea beaches have always been a weakness for me. Spending the day with family on a beautiful beach feels bliss to me. Here are some of my favorite beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

Charleston Folly Beach-

We would never get bored in Charleston. Each time we visit there we find something new to do, something new to explore and also the same old landmarks would feel more entertaining than ever. Among the other parts of Charleston, Folly Beach in South Carolina is very popular for surfing, fishing, kayaking, and other water activities. Family- friendly and eye-pleasing beautiful shoreline will definitely worth for the ultimate beach vacation. More to that, the historic downtown of Charleston and the comfort southern food, yum, both are definitely worth to try on. Our most favorite is Griffon’s famous fish and chips.

South Beach Miami-

One of the most happening beaches, the food, the people, the fashion, the drinks, the music, the ambiance, glittering nightlife, everything is absolutely great there. Of course, because it’s Miami. We had the most amazing time there. One of the best scenic, relaxing, energetic place I have ever visited. Famous for one of the most trendy beach destinations, South Beach Florida is definitely a fun place to visit.

North Myrtle Beach-

I would say Myrtle Beach is a great family vacation spot. Located in South Carolina, it’s one of our favorite. My kids love to go there, we love to go there. If you want to enjoy a complete vacation package where you can spend time in beaches, then go to fishing, kayaking, stroll on the nature trails and then shop at the nearby Tanger outlet mall, then you will get everything of these and much more in there, in Myrtle Beach.


Hilton Head Island-

Famous for the pristine beaches, the golf courses, and other outdoor water activities, Hilton Head Island is a very beautiful and a peaceful place to visit. Comfortable accommodation and a very restful place. We went there in the late November, so luckily we could see the amazing festive decor and also, there was a festive event, where fully decorated and different theme based Christmas Trees were displaying to sell, which was a bonus experience for us.

Loved every moment while we were there, and definitely would like to go again to find that tranquility.

Nags Head, NC Outer banks-

Nags Head is one of the best places to experience the North Carolina Outer Banks vacation. One of the beautiful sunsets I ever have seen was at the Jockey’s Ridge State Park, the largest sand dune on East Coast. The panoramic view of the sound, ocean and surrounding towns are honestly breathtaking. We have enjoyed one of our best summer days while we were there.

Daytona Beach-

Definitely, a fun place to visit with family. Loved the driving on the beach, lots of beach activities are available on Daytona. We always make a stop there, while we are visiting Florida. And if you are a fan of racing then you have to go to Daytona International Speedway complex to experience the ultimate NASCAR racing.

Enjoy the summer days.



Epcot-Walt Disney Park

We visited Florida in the last week of 2018, it was a great 7 days family vacation and we enjoyed immensely. We spent the last day of 2018 in Epcot and what a fun 31st it was.

Like other Walt Disney Theme Parks, Epcot has also many different kinds of attractions, for little ones to the thriller seekers, there are activities for everyone. Epcot features two distinct park sections, Future World and World Showcase, both full of attractions, dining, and entertainment. Besides the rides, Epcot’s seasonal festivals like Flower and Garden in the spring and Food and Wine in the fall are very popular. But by seeing the New Year celebrations with the fireworks and live performances surely one can tell that Epcot is not just a theme park, it is a ‘Grown up’ Theme Park.

We started our day very early in the morning when the line was shorter. Our first stop was the Disney Character Spots, where you can interact with the Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Anna and Elsa, Aladdin and Jasmine and other Disney princesses and capture photos. It was a nice way to start your day with the little ones.

Then we headed to the rides. The most popular rides in Epcot are Soarin’, Test Track, Frozen Ever After, Mission Space, Space Ship Earth. And for the little ones the best attractions are- The Sea with Nemo And Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, Living with The Land.

My favorite attractions are mostly from the World Showcase, where you can visit 11 different countries’ pavilions and taste their foods, get to know their heritage and culture, shop authentic souvenirs from the gift shops and can enjoy some amazing attractions. One of my favorites is Jeweled Dragon Acrobats in China Pavilion.

Another favorite is the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico Pavilion. Illumination: Reflection of Earth is one magnificent show, it is a projection show with laser and fireworks.

Another great activity for kids is the Kidcot Fun Stops, my daughter loves this, it is like exploring around the World. It is fun and entertaining for kids, there are different art supplies provided at each pavilion, to draw, color and collect activity cards from each Country. The Cast Members share rich stories about their native countries and kids make their special keepsake and pick up a memento from that country. Kidcot Fun Stops are located in every international pavilion at Epcot.

It was so much fun to visit Epcot on the New Year Eve, the food, party crowds, live performances, music, dancing on the roads and then the breathtaking fireworks, it was a perfect ending of 2018.


Myrtle Beach, Travel Blog

Beautiful beaches, award-winning restaurants, and first-rate entertainment can all be found in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is a visitor’s dream, offering everything from relaxing beaches, shopping, exhilarating thrill rides, exciting attractions, quality dining options, and sizzling nightlife.

Myrtle Beach, a city and vacation resort on the East Coast of the United States in South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. It is situated on the center of a large and continuous 60-mile stretch of beach known as “The Grand Strand” in northeastern South Carolina. Ranked as the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country (per 2018 census estimates), Myrtle Beach is one of the major centers of tourism in South Carolina and the United States because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches, attracting an estimated 14 million visitors each year.

Once you are there, Myrtle Beach is your playground. The fun usually starts at the beach, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Race down a waterslide at one of the local waterparks, or look at dolphins while zipping around the surf on a jet ski or banana boat ride. If you are still seeking excitement, then get on the Grand Strand’s 200-foot Skywheel, or hop on one of the area’s rollercoasters for some spins, dips, and turns.

If you are looking for a way to have fun without the sun, the Myrtle Beach area offers a number of fun-filled indoor activities. Kids and adults alike can bounce the day away at Rockin’ Jump or take a ride on the hurricane simulator at Wonder Works. To experience the amazing sea life, visit Ripley’s Aquarium, where stingrays and sharks are one of the main attractions for visitors. All these and much more entertainment options are available at Broadway at the Beach, from family entertainment to shopping, great restaurants, and exciting nightlife, everything you will find at there.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is known throughout the Grand Strand as a “Family Beach”. The perfect family getaway starts in Surfside Beach, where generations of families have been vacationing in a variety of beach homes and condos overlooking serene, beautiful beaches.

Located directly south of Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach is a small beach community revered for the family-friendly environment. The inlet meets the ocean here, so the area is a hot spot for water sports, fishing, and crabbing. The heart of Garden City Beach is the Pier, a paradise for those looking to fish during the day and like to hear live music at night. The sea here is excellent for surfers too. And nearby arcades are favorite stops for those ready to have fun after a day in the sun.

Myrtle Beach is one of our family’s favorite vacation spot and we will keep continuing to visit there. There is something for everybody; like I said, you can start the day at the beach but I bet you will explore a lot more. Whether visit with a large group or plan for a small weekend break, Myrtle Beach will not disappoint you.

Waterfalls -Nature’s Wonder


Water, I want to be like water: strong enough to hold up a ship, but able to slip through your fingers.

                                                                             MICHELLE WILLIAMS


I consider waterfall is the nature’s finest art, it is serene, romantic and full of life. From far, it can be a beautiful canvas to capture a perfect scenery, but once you go near to her you will hear her roar, you will feel her force, the spontaneity. To me, waterfalls are the symbols of the celebration of life.

Here are some of our family favorites, captured by us.

The gigantic NIAGARA FALLS, USA.

Horseshoe Falls Niagara

Arial shot of Niagara and American Falls from chopper rideimg_7302

Niagara at night, illuminated from Canada 

Looking Glass Falls, NC, USA

Bridal Veil Fall, Yosemite, CA, USA

Sikkim, India

Yellowstone, WY, USAimg_7287

share your favorite waterfalls on the comments below.

Happy Blogging.

Andaman Islands- Hidden Gems of India

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and dense mangrove forests, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, about 850 miles east of the Indian subcontinent, you will find Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Along with the crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and green serene view, Andaman is an ideal location for tourists who want a tranquil and reviving vacay. From hills, rivers to valleys, from forest to blue coastlines, beautiful breathtaking views are to be found everywhere.

Andaman has more than 300 small islands, only some of them are inhabited. The three major islands are North Andaman, Middle Andaman, and South Andaman—closely positioned and collectively known as the Great Andaman. Of the two ways to reach there, by air and by ships, we opted for air from Kolkata to Port Blair, the capital town of Andamans. After staying a few days in Port Blair we took a ferry ride to the famous Havelock Island. Havelock island has one of India’s prettiest beach stretches. Our beachfront resort had a private beach access. The moment I stepped on the beach, I felt smooth white sands under my feet.

I was in awe, I was surrounded by the lush tropical trees and in front of me was the endless blue horizon. Havelock island is one of the popular tourists’ destinations, famous for pristine coastlines and luxurious hotels and restaurants.                                          Next, we visited the Long Island, famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Andaman Islands are a world-class destination for scuba diving, and the area around Long Island has some of the best dive sites in the Andamans. Since I don’t know swimming, I was very scared to go. Then I found an efficient snorkel guide, who was very helpful, after a couple of shaky trials, and then I was able to see Andaman’s marine life, so many colors, full of corals, colorful small fishes in batches, it was unbelievable, almost dreamlike, I was floating away with the fishes in the colorful water kingdom.

The next day, we visited Little Andaman, the best surfing destination in India. We missed their famous elephant safari. Andaman is full of surprises, away from the mainland, where you can find isolated beaches and if your adventure mind wants something exciting, then you can choose any kind of activity like water sports, fishing, beachside camping, trekking, sea walking, mangrove creek safari, bird watching and many other fun activities. Besides the snorkeling, another interesting discovery for me was to meet with Jarawa, one of the primeval tribes, they are quite popular among the tourists. Like most tribal peoples, Jarawa also live self-sufficiently on their ancestral Jarwas are believed to have lived in Andamans islands for up to 55.000 years. We had to travel quite a distance just to take a glance of them.

Our next destination was Baratang Islands, where we visited the limestone caves and the mud volcano.

In the last couple of days of our trip, we stayed again in Port Blair. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, famous for many historical sights. The Cellular Jail is the main historic attractions in Port Blair. It is a National Memorial of India. We attended their popular light and sound show in the Central Jail. The show narrates the saga of the Indian freedom struggle.

It was a great trip, away from cities, relaxing on the white sand beach, watching the magnificent sunsets, snorkeling, the red snapper and crab feast, adventurous trekking, the mad ferry ride on the Indian Ocean, Cellular Jail, wow, we had spent almost 2 weeks there, but it seems not enough, we have to go there again,there is much more to discover, much to see, much to experience, again to the Andamans.

My Favourite 5 Cities in the ​USA

As one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, The United States has much to see from picturesque coastlines to beautiful mountain ranges, from the east coast to west coast, north to south, from twinkling city lights to the majestic skylines. Here, I would like to say about my favorite 5 cities in The USA.

NEW YORK- This city never sleeps, yet New York often called the city of dreams.From Manhattan to China town, from Brooklyn Bridge to Statue Of Liberty, in each corner of the city, you can find uniqueness.This city has its own style. It’s not called the Big Apple for nothing- this city is the center of the worlds of finances, fashion, music, art, Broadway shows, literature, architecture. Each day thousands of tourists visit NYC. New York is one of our family favorites. Kids love the Central Park and I love everything about New York, from museums to street shopping, from the late nights in Times Square to New-York style pizza.


SAN FRANCISCO- My second favorite city is SFO. I still remember the traffic we had to face when entering the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was almost covered with dense fog, I could not see the top of the bridge, got a little bit annoyed and tired of the traffic, and all of a sudden, sunrays came upon, and I can still remember those shining red bridge poles flashed in front of my eyes. Like New York, SFO has also much to offer. We participated in a walking tour of the city, it was quite a learning experience, it helped us to understand SFO’s rich culture and history. We have some beautiful memories of that trip, even we got lost once when trying to find the World’s most crooked Lombard Street. Riding on the cable cars was so nostalgic, it reminded my childhood memories from Kolkata. I loved to visit Fishermans Warf, the awkward noises of seals, the sweet smell of sourdough, the people, the walk, everything was dreamlike.


LAS VEGAS-  “Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.” – Drew Carey. True by all means.Las Vegas, we had a blast there. The days usually started with endless breakfast buffets and nights ended wandering on the Vegas Strip. Trying our luck in casinos was the best part, of course, but roaming around on Gondola In the Venetian Palazzo, watching Bellagio’s Water show, tasting food in Ceaser’s Palace also worth the excitement.Whether you win or you lose, you always feel euphoric in that dazzling oasis, in Las Vegas.


MIAMI- From the glamorous beaches to trendy South Beach nightlife, Miami is always one of the most famous tourist spots. Feeling vintage, go to the Art Deco district. Want to taste the multicultural cuisine, go to the fabulous Miami restaurants, where you can find Cuban, Ethiopian and authentic Carribean cuisine. Even I got a chance to taste my Bengali food in Bengal Indian Cuisine restaurant.


CHICAGO- It is not as a popular tourist destination as NYC or Las Vegas, but Chicago has its own beauty. Love the spectacular skylines, the historic skyscrapers, the navy pier, the Riverwalk, museums, beautiful architectures, from Millennium Park to the Skydeck at Willis Tower, in every bit of Chicago is a mixture of history and contemporary world. Whether it’s a story behind Chicago gangsters or story behind beautiful architectures, this Windy City is not going to disappoint the tourists. If shopping is in your mind, go for a walk to the Magnificent Mile, where all the world-class brands are waiting for you.