Summer Activities For Kids Under $10

Summer is here and so does the long summer vacation, no school, and lots of fun for my kiddos. I and my daughter have planned to do so many things for this vacation, though I doubt about the executions of those plans. Still, its fun to plan, especially if you have active kids like mine. As the summer vacation starts, the daily routine gets messed up pretty quickly, but that’s okay with me. As long as they are busy with some kind of activities and not engaging their time only on the internet and not watching Netflix for the whole day, I am good. So, like every summer, this year also I have chosen some in-home and some fun water activities for my 7 years old.

Summer Homeworks- 

Every morning I would like to give my elder one some sort of homework, it can be math, reading, comprehension or science. She likes to rotate her subjects through the seven days of the week. Usually, it takes about 30-40 minutes to finish. It is a good exercise to practice all the things she has learned in her class so she can be ready for her next grade.  As I was searching on Amazon, I found some interesting summer study activity books. Here are some links to those books-

Summer Art & Craft-

The more kids will be busy with their activities, the better, and art & crafts are wonderful options to keep the young artists creative and busy during the vacations. Well, definitely it will be messy and can be very stressful to clean the room afterward, but it’s fun and always good to engage the kids in some sort of creativities. My daughter likes to draw and color, she also loves to build Legos, and she recently develops her interest in paper crafting. So, thankfully, making slimes is no longer the only option for her, and fortunately, I have found some great deals on art and crafts products. Here are the links-





Reading Story Books-

I always encourage my kids to read storybooks, it is a great way to develop their imaginations and their language skills. Storybook is very beneficial for the active kids also, reading is always good to calm those restless minds and I can also indulge some quiet time around my home. Here are the links to some great kids books-

Summer Toys-

Finally, the toys, which is never enough for my kids. When to choose their toys, I make sure that I stay under my budget because toys are always in demand and kids get easily bored with one toy very quickly, then another toy comes in the demand lists. Here I found some interesting and fun toys-

So, we are all set for the summer days, hope you like our summer activity ideas. Happy summer everybody.




My Saturday Breakfast Dilemma​

Every Friday night is a night of making plans for the weekends, we plan that we will wake up early, will try to make a nice sumptuous breakfast, then get ready and we will do lunch outside, then we can go shopping or movie or something equally interesting. Well, like I said, we plan that on Friday night, and then we go to sleep. In my dream also I am making the sumptuous meal like Egg Benedict with Hollandaise sauce or chicken noodle or something decadent with egg etc. Where is in the reality, as the alarm is in silent mode and our precious children are in deep sleep, we got a chance to enjoy the sweet morning sleep a little bit longer than it should be. Results, we woke up a little after 10 o’clock and started to think what will we prepare for a lunch or a brunch? This is a kind of paradoxical situation for us, we want to get up and get started for the weekend but after a long tiring week, sleep is the only indulgence we want to have. So be it, just when I realized we have lost our nice morning breakfast time and started to give up hope for my continental or any kind of exotic breakfast, the husband came to rescue. Sometimes only the simple food is enough to start the day. So, on this Saturday morning, he managed the kitchen while I was helping him with the ingredients.

 It was a simple breakfast, Pancake. But that’s all I need to clear my head and to get ready for my Saturday outing.

Mother’s Day

Lara is very upset today, she was planning to go to a movie with her friends. She was so excited in the morning, she was waiting to have some fun with her friends. She is on the break from college just for this week, so wanted to make this time worth while. As the weekend started, she started making plans – shopping, dining and then the movie. She was busy on the Friday and Saturday, at last, on Sunday, she became free. So, today, since the morning, she was looking for the showtimes and when she got the perfect timing with all five seats for her and for her friends, she was so happy. She started texting on WhatsApp with the movie timings and all. But, everybody replied that they had other plans, isn’t that weird? All of a sudden, everybody got busy on the Sunday afternoon? Lara got restless, she started calling her friends, shockingly all of them had the same reason, they were all busy because today is Mother’s Day and everybody wanted to spend time with their moms, well not everybody, since Kiara’s mom was working today, so, Kiara went to her mom’s hospital to give her a surprise visit. And Lara’s rest of the friends also had plans with their moms, some of them were going for Mother’s Day special brunch, even one of them was going to the movie with her mother. Lara is very disappointed with her friends, what is the reason to celebrate Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day, she felt irritated. Lara refused to celebrate these special name tagged days, like Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Women’s Day or Mother’s Day. She believes that these days are only to promote the consumerism, this is a very clever way of making marketing strategies. She is utterly against to celebrate these kind of days. She got angry with her friends to behave so stupidly like the others. After the lunch, she was feeling little bored, no video calling, no chatting, all she can see is her friends’ selfies with their moms on Facebook and Instagram. She lost her patience, she has nothing to do now, what kind of stupidity is this? As she is determined to go the movie alone, she started to get ready.

As she is almost ready to leave, suddenly she overheard her mother’s voice. Lara’s mom was talking to someone over the phone. Her mom was giggling and sounded excited, she was telling the other person, “yes, my daughter also made me silly cute cards when she was in school. Even one year, I remember, she woke up early in the morning and made breakfast with her dad. It felt so nice. And you know one Mother’s Day..”, Lara could hear her mom’s voice was rising in excitement as she was sharing her Mother’s Day memories with her friend, ” ..I think 5 years back, she was in high school then, she gave me one amazing in-home facial and pedicure. I was so pampered that day, it felt so special. My little girl was taking care of me as I used to take care of her when she was a baby.” Lara got little confused, does her mom misses those days? Is her mom expecting something from her for today? Her mom is so busy all the time, does she even know that today is Mother’s Day? Yes, Lara used to celebrate Mother’s Day, but that was a long time back. For last five-six years, she got so busy with her life that she almost forgot about Mother’s Day. She only realized this year, because of all of her friends, of course. Lara was feeling hesitated, should she wish her mom? or she can give a nice Mother’s Day card? she has time. It’s still Sunday, 13th May, it’s not over yet. She felt little embarrassed too, suddenly Lara got the feeling that maybe her mom was waiting for the last 5-6 years to hear Happy Mother’s Day from her, or expected a nice treat or just a hug. She felt guilty, she wanted to go to the Hallmark store to get a perfect Mother’s Day card. Then it would be little late, she wanted to wish her mom now. She started thinking, and quickly draw a rough portrait of her mother. It was not perfect but she could manage to draw her mom’s beautiful eyes, and then she wrote,”Today and always, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day”. Her mom was still talking over the phone, Lara softly patted her mom’s shoulder. Her mom surprisedly looked back to her. She handed over the portrait to her mom. The other lady was still talking on the phone, while her mom’s eyes were fixed onto the portrait only. Lara could see her mom’s eyes were getting wet, she looked at Lara and then she hugged Lara like never before. She kissed on her forehead, kissed on her cheeks and then hugged her one more time. Then mom said, “thank you, darling, I thought you will never give me any of your handmade Mother’s Day card to me. Thank you so much, it’s so precious”. Lara was relieved, she felt happy now, since the morning she was feeling very grumpy, she got nothing to do, her friends got busy, her planning for a perfect day out with friends got failed. Lara was so upset, but to see her mother’s proud face, Lara got so emotional. Lara decided to spend the rest of the day with her mom. It was a day well spent, in the house, Lara, and her mom only, remembering all those sweet childish acts of her.

Often we think that we are being stupid to celebrate these so-called days. Yes, agreed that there shouldn’t be only one specific day to celebrate love or only a day in the year to celebrate womanhood is not justified or no special day is required to show love and respect to our mother, every day can be Mother’s Day or every day can be Hearts day. But, in reality, is it true? Do we really have the time to celebrate every day as Valentine’s Day or do we hug our mom every day and tell them how much we love them and how much we are grateful to them for all their care and support? Do we really try to make everyday special for our mom’s? Well, let’s have this debate at some other time.

As of now, let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day with gratitude, respect, and love, let’s show our moms that how privileged and lucky we are that we have them in our life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful moms around the world.

Around the park

We like to go to the park, especially our kids like to go there, and I get a chance to just enjoy the time without worrying about the mess. Sunday afternoon is the most heightened time when my kids are in the disastrous mode. After the heavy Sunday lunch, when I and husband are all set for our most desirable Sunday nap, some extraterrestrial superpower got into our kids’ blood steam. They got supercharged and started doing all the naughtiness. All my magazines were spreading on the floor, the showpieces have been split into halves, cushions were used to make the imaginary fort. The little chair climber dropped every little thing from my kitchen platforms and when we saw that my elder one started doing science experimentation with food, we canceled our much needed afternoon nap and headed to the park.

As spring is here, afternoon stroll in the park is quite a relaxing one. Last Sunday we went to a park. The park is very beautiful, a lot of kids were playing and their parents were watching them from the bench. I saw parents faces and could identify their reasons behind the park visits. Those poor souls were as tired as I was. They were also relaxing while watching their kids. I got a job there too, as my husband was busy to look after our kids, my job was to look after the stroller. After spending some time in the park, I felt that I have become the sole protector of the stroller, not only it is a must needed baby gear, it also carried the jackets, water bottles, snacks and most importantly diaper bag, which can’t get lost. The rest of the afternoon went very well, there, for some time I also enjoyed with my kids, as they were jumping, running, giggling around.

The job of a parent is definitely a tough one, one has to be more patience, responsible, had to give up time for the little ones, it’s a 24/7 tiring job. But when I remember my childhood, I could see myself playing in the local park and running, sliding, bouncing with my friends, I could felt that little park time made me so happy. Then I realized it, even I have to settle down with my priorities, its worth it. Childhood is the most precious time we have in our life, and as a parent, it’s our privilege to nurture it.


Spring-summer finds from IKEA

I love to go to Ikea for shopping, my kids love their meatballs and deserts and my elder one is always interested in the play area. I like their seasonal stuff, as well as their space-saving types of furniture. Last Sunday we visited local Ikea store to find some new fresh looks for our home and bingo we got what we have wanted.

There was some special display on the sustainable materials, I like the idea, we need more environment-friendly products around us. But what I really like about these eco-friendly materials is that they are mostly from India.

I am quite familiar with these materials, those can be easily found in Indian villages. The whole Ikea looks like a greenhouse.

There are lots of options to choose from the artificial green indoor and outdoor plants, colorful floral decor, beautifully printed curtains to eco- friendly products.

It was so refreshing in there that I wanted to redo my entire home. I got some really nice deal though. Now, I am excited to place those around my house and be ready for the summer entertainments.

Hope you like my spring- summer finds. Share your favorite finds for this season.


What is death? Is it a death of a body?

Is it the death of senses? Is it the death of the cells?

Is it the death of a life? What is life? Is it the opposite of death?

Is life more beautiful than death?

Is a peaceful death more beautiful than a life?

Is the end of life means the end of relationships? Is it the end of promises? Is it the end of a journey? Or the journey is still on?

What is a memory? Will memory be with us till our death?

What will happen after death? Will we still be alive after death?

Will I still be alive in my kid’s memory after the death?

Will I still remember my journey after the death? Or will I continue my journey? Will it be a journey to another life or it will be just a journey after death?

Bengali New Year

I am a proud Bengali, every year on 15th April we celebrate our New Year. Bengalis love their language, we love our heritage, we love our poems and songs, we love our politics, we love our culture, but mostly we love our food.Yes, Bengalis are one of the greatest foodies. We think that our Mutton Biriyani is the best in the lot, we think that we are the only one who can cook prawns and other fishes to its perfection. We are by born the rice lover, rice without a day means something is missing. Like food and politics, we love Rabindranath Tagore, the famous poet, lyricist, artist, writer, and Nobel Prize winner.Our celebrations are incomplete without Tagore.Bengali New Year is a very emotional celebration for me, it’s been almost 10 years that I am away from my city.But I didn’t stop celebrating, now I celebrate with my kids and husband. It has been changed though, but some traditions remain the same.We still call our parents and elders to get blessings and wishing our friends and family for a great year ahead. We still like to wear new dresses on this day, clean our houses, cook our authentic Bengali dishes and we still remember Tagore. No matter where we are or where we will be, the tradition will be continued, from my parents to me and then to my kids.

Take a glance at my collage and you will understand how we celebrate the Bengali New Year. We start our traditional feast with fried flatbread and potato curry, then on the entree, we have vegetable, lentil soup, Bengali yellow sweet fried rice, fish curry, mutton/chicken curry and we finish it with our very famous sweet yogurt and sweets.This year also I am planning to do the same.Wishing you A Happy Bengali New Year.

Our Favorite books

Books are one of the weaknesses we have in my family, everytime we enter any bookstore, we become so tempted and every time we have to buy books for each one of us. We love to read. Me, husband and my daughter, we read books every day, during breakfast, lunch or dinner, before going to bed, during vacation, during the long journey and even in the bathrooms. We have our own collection of books. Often we rent books from the library, read online books and buy from here and there. Here, I tried to create 3 different collage with some of our all-time favorite books.

My daughter’s favorite books:

She likes to read mystery stories. She likes Junie B. Jones and Amelia Bedelia series. Her all-time favorite author is Dr. Seuss. She already collected all Dr. Seuss books. Recently, she develops interests in comics like Dogman and Tintin.

My favorite books:

My list of favorite books is little spread out. I like to read my Bengali books, inspirational books like The Alchemist, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Poems like Gitanjali by Tagore, romantic novels by Daniele Steel. And I love classic British mystery series like Sherlock, Poirot and Miss Mapel. among the Indian authors, I like to read my favorite author (since childhood) Satyajit Ray’s books, Amish, famous Bengali authors like Sunil and so on. Really, I have a wide variety of choices, if I have the time I can be hooked on any kind of books and continue to read until I finished the book. I remember before the exams also, I read detective novels for the whole night. I can be that much crazy for books.

My husband’s favorite books:

His choices of books are the true reflection of his persona. He likes photography books, thrillers, short stories, and of course Tintin.

Share your favorite books and tell me how these books inspired you.

Happy Blogging.

The Egg Hunt

It’s being 7 years now, and we continued to enjoy our Easter egg hunt traditions. Though Halloween and Christmas mornings are the most popular ones in our family, the next favourite event for my little ones is Easter egg hunt. Since last week I have been glued to the online searches for local egg hunt events. I searched every possible egg hunting website.The nearer the better, there were time slots for specific ages. I have one 20 months old and one 7 years old, so I had to attend two different time slots. This year I better be prepared. Every year we got late and my elder one missed her time slots for egg hunt. Even my daughter is little demotivated this year, but the images of those candy filled eggs were so tempting that she woke up early in the morning. We were determined, ready to move, ready for the hunts. My kids were ready in their pretty dresses, the husband was ready with the camera and I was fully prepared with water bottles, sunglasses, and goldfish. As we were almost ready to hit the road, suddenly noticed that my little one needed a diaper change. So, we got late. The time slots were 12:30 and 1:15, we had to reach before 1, at least. But the way things were going, there was little hope to catch up the time. We rushed on the staircases, jumped in our car seats, belts on, yes, we were going, destination-egg hunts. In the car, my daughter was anxious,wheater she would find any egg or not, already planned for face painting and the bounce house. And I was more enthusiastic than her, describing her to go every corner of the field, looking for the golden egg to get the biggest prize. As we were looking for the parking spots, I noticed other beautiful children carrying their Easter baskets. Oh no, I completely forgot about the baskets, now what? How would my kids collect those colourful sweet eggs? We were confused, a little frustrated then we got the idea, we had our orange Halloween pumpkin basket in the back of our car. We needed those eggs, especially that golden one. And we needed to move fast, we already missed the 12: 30-time slot, all we had this last time slot and after today there will not be be any egg hunts until next year. We refused to miss this one like every other year, the next thing I know, my daughter was running with the Halloween pumpkin to the egg hunt field. Where, in the beautiful sunny afternoon, all other kids were collecting eggs and keeping them in their pretty baskets, my kids were keeping the eggs inside the scary looking pumpkin. But, in the end, we have succeeded, we have collected a dozen eggs this year.