Jurassic World:​ Fallen Kingdom, Movie Review

It’s been 25 years since the first Jurassic Park(1993) released, and still, I feel the same anticipation for dinosaurs movies. I can’t get enough of Jurassic. Whenever I see any Jurassic trailer and then it’s signature background music, I get hooked. So, for me, Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is a must-watch movie. Only this time, it’s getting better, because, this movie reminds some of the nostalgic moments from the previous Jurassic’s and also, this movie reveals the next chapters of Jurassic. It is a good transition movie, a fast-paced storyline and full of actions are in store for the viewers.




The movie starts after the three years of the luxurious theme park Jurassic World’s destruction. The park is getting near to extinct because of a deadly volcanic eruption. And so, Owen( Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) has been asked to join a mission to save the remaining dinosaurs. Here the story resembles previous movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The mission is not only to save the dinosaurs but the hidden agenda is to sell dinosaurs to the highest bidder. So, the rescuing team geared up to save the rare and various aggressive dinosaurs especially the carnivorous ones. Owen and Claire started their journey without knowing the truth and when they came to know, it was quite late, so, they had to fight and suffered a lot while escaping from that situation. The private army captured many dinosaurs and managed to transport them from the island. The touching moment was to see the dinosaurs crying for help when the volcanic fire destroy the whole island.

Then the story goes from the wild nature to the civilized Lockwood’s estate, where conspiracy and greed lead the plot. Dr. Henry Wu (from the Jurassic Park) was able to create a dangerous species that resembles a dinosaur but can be used as a lethal weapon also. Warlords around the world have gathered to buy those dinosaurs. Now, humans get another way to create terror in the world. In the end, Owen and Claire managed to save those dinosaurs but the damage was already done. Like the previous movies,  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom also continues to explore the dangers of playing god, humanity’s mistreatment of animals, and the ethical problems of for-profit animal parks. And it’s not the end of the story, because of the mankind’s uncontrollable greediness, the era of dinosaurs has begun again.

To me, it is a good movie to watch with your family and friends. This movie took me back to my school days. I am ready for the next round 🙂


The Post, Movie Review

We are a movie buff family, we love to watch old, new, international, local all kinds of movies. Recently I watched one of my favorite director Stephen Speilberg’s star-studded movie The Post and got totally spellbound by it. Here go my thoughts on the movie.

Movie- The Post                                                                                                                          Directed by-Steven Spielberg                                                                                                Produced by- Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Amy Pascal                          Written by- Liz Hannah, Josh Singer
Starring- Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Tracy Letts.

The Post is a political drama, telling about an era where twitters and social media were non-existent and newspapers were going through an awakening period where they began to realize their importance as a reliable source for the national and foreign news. This was the era when newspapers could start an uprising, open up people’s mind, even able to expose corrupt politics in front of the nation. The film tells us about the revelations of the Pentagon Papers. It tells about how a newspaper which was used to toe the party line, just became aware of the policial conspiracies, their responsibilities and how they started to fight for the right to publish the authentic news.                                                                                

This movie is taking us to a most disturbing period of America, Kennedy was assassinated, the Vietnam war is going on for 6 years, people wanted answers, they wanted to end the war, they wanted their boys back from the war.                                                                           It was early 1966 when State Department military analyst Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys, BTW catch him in The Americans, streaming on Amazon Prime videos) found no progress in theVietnam war, in fact, it was a hopeless situation for the American soldiers, the troops were also getting restless to come back home. But he got shocked to see that after conveying about this bad war situation to the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the government was trying to cover the war facts from the people. McNamara told the press that the news from war zone was in favor to Americans. Ellsberg got suspicious. After some time of this incident, in 1971, when Ellsberg was working as a civilian military contractor in RAND corporation, he was able to leak the documents on the Vietnam War to reporters at The New York Times. And from that moment the movie entered to the gripping newspaper drama. All that suspense, the secret messenger, spying on each other’s agency, the competition between The New York Times and The Washington Post, all came to life. Gradually Speilberg set the tension, treated each individual with a different motive, the plot gets complicated yet entertaining. Will the confidential documents be released by the press? which newspaper will get the first chance to this papers? Will president Nixon act against it or will he try to shut it? All these uncertainties carry until the end of the movie.                                                        Besides all these suspense, all the characters of the movie did outstanding acting. Meryl Streep as Katharine (Kay) Graham was splendid. Katherine had taken over her late husband’s place as a publisher but was not accepted as the head of The Washington Post newspaper. Meryl Streep’s acting was beautiful while portraying Katharine’s emotional journey. People think Kay was seating on the thorn where a man was supposed to seat. But her father and husband’s legacy had to continue. So she stepped in, she acted like an owner should act, suddenly she realized the time has come when she should take some bold decisions, but those decisions can make her newspaper business go into bankruptcy, her reputation could be at stake, her employees and friend’s future might be in great danger. And if she took the steps then she could tell the truth to the nation. People should know the truth, it’s the right of the people and its the right of the newspaper to show the facts to the commons. The newspaper must gain their control. They must become the authentic source of all news. And she did it, her publications changed the history of the American newspaper. Once that was a little spark now became a wildfire. Every newspaper followed her lead, The Washington Post was not just a local newspaper anymore. Katherine Graham was a true inspiration for the other ladies and so is Meryl Streep.                                                                                                                                                 Tom Hanks is brilliant as ever. His looks, his headstrong attitudes, his determination everything was so perfect. He gave full justice to his role. Tom Hanks played the role Post editor Ben Bagdikian. Once who was very friendly to the former president now became a true journalist. Always striving for the truth, curious about the new conspiracy discoveries, and loyal to his newspaper. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep’s rebellious attitudes were very intriguing. Overall, The Post is Spielberg’s one of the finest creation. You will surely like the newsroom drama and the gripping political conspiracy, even if you don’t have much interest or enough knowledge in politics(like me). This movie is a very thrilling experience for me, I would have never thought that a period political drama could be so interesting. It’s a must watch, I would like to watch it again just to connect the dots one more time, the sensitive government papers leaks, the newspapers fight for the right to publishing the corruption, Katharine’s own battle for freedom as a woman and the power play of the White House, everything is worth to watch over and over again.

I was told that The Post is the prequel to the famous Oscar-winning movie All The President’s Men,1976, eager to watch this one also, really can’t get over with the political conspiracies.

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​​The Shape Of Water, movie review

Took a while to get to this magical piece, mainly I came to know about ‘The Shape Of Water’ in the Oscar nominations announcement. Have to accept that I was a little skeptical about this movie, a fish man story in 2018, come on! But trust me, it’s worth watching.

Guillermo del Tore’s romantic fantasy movie The Shape Of Water, Oscar winner 2018 for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Music Score and for Best Production Design. It started like a fairy tale, almost ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Well almost, but this movie has so many layers than just a fairy tale.This movie is about two lonely souls finding each other, in spite of their incompleteness, they find each other’s company. If I describe the movie plot in a fairy tale style, then it goes like this- a mute princess fall in love with an amazonian sea creature, whereas, the greedy evil guy wants to use the magical creature for his own benefit, knowing the evil guy’s plan, the princess decided to release the sea creature into the water, but got hurt instead and then the magical creature took the princess away, into the water, and healed the princess with his magic touch, at last, out of the reach of the evil guy, they are free, in love, now they are happy.

The background took us back to the US, early 1960 when the gripping cold war is at its height. There, in a secret government laboratory, Elisa(Sally Hawkins)works as a janitor. Elisa is mute, back in her childhood she was discovered beside the riverbank as an orphan with a wounded neck. She uses sign language to communicate. She is lonely, almost invisible to other except only Zelda(Octavia Spencer), her co-worker, and Giles(Richard Jenkins), her next-door neighbor knows her better. Colonel Richard Strickland(Michael Shannon) brings an amphibian man in the facility. They captured him from South America’s river. They want to exploit the creature’s power and use it to American advantage in the Space Race. The creature is held captive and continuously torture by The Colonel. Elisa see the sea creature, see his wounds, his helplessness. Every day she gives him food, tries to teach him sign languages. They both have started to connect with each other, both have incompleteness, both are alone. Elisa can empathize with this Amphibian man, started to care for him, suddenly she is not lonely anymore, she is not invisible. The creature does not care her muteness, he can see her,  understands her. In a very little time, they have developed a deep bonding. But like every fairy tale, the evil guy has some different intention, he wants to kill the creature for experimental purpose. When Elisa comes to know about the plan, she has gone desperate, quite gentle Elisa becomes fierce, she doesn’t care anything else, just to save the creature. At last, she rescues her love and brings him home. The scientist Dr.Hoffstelter, Zelda, and Giles help her in rescuing. Elisa and her soulmate enjoy the time they spent in that small apartment room, forgetting about the world around them, they were in love.  A love story which is not perfect but feels so true. Elisa has to free her love into the water or he might die. Sally Hawkins is incredible in expressing sorrow through her eyes.In the end, she succeeds but gets injured. Then the sea creature carries her into the water where Elisa gets a new life, a new start with her Fish man. A dreamy romantic fantasy – totally fictional, but beautiful and soulful! It has a sweet after effect. Superb casting, beautiful melodious background score, classic Hollywood cinemaphotography, and romantic songs selection. It’s a must watch.