Christmas Art For Kids

“Do you want to make a snowman?” Like Elsa and Anna, we all like to create fun stuff. Especially around this time of the year, kids can create so many interesting and creative arts. Here, in my home also, my kids love to engage with different types of holiday-themed arts and crafts. Well, every year gingerbread house would be the main attraction, they start to decorate it, but then within a few minutes, they lose their patience. So, this year instead of a gingerbread house, I bought ready to decorate gingerbread cookies and besides that’s my kids created some easy to do Christmas arts, inspired from Pinterest. Here are some easy holiday fun activities that can be done at home.

Print the holiday-themed art from online and then kids can paint them. Or you can draw the kids’ hand’s outline and cut the art paper and make paper reindeer’s horns. Next is to make a snowman with paper dollies. With some cotton balls, glue, and markers kids can make holiday penguin.


This year, my daughter drew her favorite Elf, Starlight.


6f1045ad-8224-434a-b696-a385d719ddc8This is a nice way to use the simple paper plate and turn into a Christmas tree:



Summer Activities For Kids Under $10

Summer is here and so does the long summer vacation, no school, and lots of fun for my kiddos. I and my daughter have planned to do so many things for this vacation, though I doubt about the executions of those plans. Still, its fun to plan, especially if you have active kids like mine. As the summer vacation starts, the daily routine gets messed up pretty quickly, but that’s okay with me. As long as they are busy with some kind of activities and not engaging their time only on the internet and not watching Netflix for the whole day, I am good. So, like every summer, this year also I have chosen some in-home and some fun water activities for my 7 years old.

Summer Homeworks- 

Every morning I would like to give my elder one some sort of homework, it can be math, reading, comprehension or science. She likes to rotate her subjects through the seven days of the week. Usually, it takes about 30-40 minutes to finish. It is a good exercise to practice all the things she has learned in her class so she can be ready for her next grade.  As I was searching on Amazon, I found some interesting summer study activity books. Here are some links to those books-

Summer Art & Craft-

The more kids will be busy with their activities, the better, and art & crafts are wonderful options to keep the young artists creative and busy during the vacations. Well, definitely it will be messy and can be very stressful to clean the room afterward, but it’s fun and always good to engage the kids in some sort of creativities. My daughter likes to draw and color, she also loves to build Legos, and she recently develops her interest in paper crafting. So, thankfully, making slimes is no longer the only option for her, and fortunately, I have found some great deals on art and crafts products. Here are the links-





Reading Story Books-

I always encourage my kids to read storybooks, it is a great way to develop their imaginations and their language skills. Storybook is very beneficial for the active kids also, reading is always good to calm those restless minds and I can also indulge some quiet time around my home. Here are the links to some great kids books-

Summer Toys-

Finally, the toys, which is never enough for my kids. When to choose their toys, I make sure that I stay under my budget because toys are always in demand and kids get easily bored with one toy very quickly, then another toy comes in the demand lists. Here I found some interesting and fun toys-

So, we are all set for the summer days, hope you like our summer activity ideas. Happy summer everybody.



The Egg Hunt

It’s being 7 years now, and we continued to enjoy our Easter egg hunt traditions. Though Halloween and Christmas mornings are the most popular ones in our family, the next favourite event for my little ones is Easter egg hunt. Since last week I have been glued to the online searches for local egg hunt events. I searched every possible egg hunting website.The nearer the better, there were time slots for specific ages. I have one 20 months old and one 7 years old, so I had to attend two different time slots. This year I better be prepared. Every year we got late and my elder one missed her time slots for egg hunt. Even my daughter is little demotivated this year, but the images of those candy filled eggs were so tempting that she woke up early in the morning. We were determined, ready to move, ready for the hunts. My kids were ready in their pretty dresses, the husband was ready with the camera and I was fully prepared with water bottles, sunglasses, and goldfish. As we were almost ready to hit the road, suddenly noticed that my little one needed a diaper change. So, we got late. The time slots were 12:30 and 1:15, we had to reach before 1, at least. But the way things were going, there was little hope to catch up the time. We rushed on the staircases, jumped in our car seats, belts on, yes, we were going, destination-egg hunts. In the car, my daughter was anxious,wheater she would find any egg or not, already planned for face painting and the bounce house. And I was more enthusiastic than her, describing her to go every corner of the field, looking for the golden egg to get the biggest prize. As we were looking for the parking spots, I noticed other beautiful children carrying their Easter baskets. Oh no, I completely forgot about the baskets, now what? How would my kids collect those colourful sweet eggs? We were confused, a little frustrated then we got the idea, we had our orange Halloween pumpkin basket in the back of our car. We needed those eggs, especially that golden one. And we needed to move fast, we already missed the 12: 30-time slot, all we had this last time slot and after today there will not be be any egg hunts until next year. We refused to miss this one like every other year, the next thing I know, my daughter was running with the Halloween pumpkin to the egg hunt field. Where, in the beautiful sunny afternoon, all other kids were collecting eggs and keeping them in their pretty baskets, my kids were keeping the eggs inside the scary looking pumpkin. But, in the end, we have succeeded, we have collected a dozen eggs this year.