Makeup can never be completed without the right tools, the application of makeup is the most important step. This is the time when the makeup brushes become the magic wands and your face becomes the canvas. The most essential and frequently used makeup brushes are definitely worth to buy. Here I am sharing some of my most used make up brushes for the face.


This flat brush is the most essential one to apply the first step of any makeup base, applying the foundation. Any liquid and creme formula can be applied with this brush. Sometimes, I apply my primer and moisturiser with it. It is very easy to apply, just glide the brush like a pencil over your face.


This brush is also a bluff brush, this brush helps to blend the powder evenly. Moving in circular strokes is the key when using this brush.


Contour brush is another essential tool to achieve the flawless make up look. Now, we may have not been able to create Kim Kardashian cheekbones but, we can definitely give our face a nice lift up look. Morphe brushes have a really big collection of contour brushes, check out their website and you can see how many varieties of contour brushes they have. But, for everyday use and for basic face contouring, I like to use an angled contour brush to precise the depth of my cheeks. Contouring will take some practice, and every face is different, so contouring application solely depends on the structure of the individual faces. And for a beginner, you just need to find your hollow under the cheekbones and then glide the brush in an upward motion, then glide the brush with a little product around your face to create a chiseled look. You can take a small eyeshadow brush and give few light strokes on the side of your nose with a little product to contour the nose.


This dome-shaped brush is perfect for bringing your cheeks to life. Tap the bristles into a blush of your choice to pick up just a bit of color and move to the upward or circular strokes over your cheeks. If you need to soften the color, go back over your cheeks with rapid, back-and-forth strokes.


Last but not least, another magical method in today’s makeup trends, the highlights. There are are so many varieties of highlighters and the selection of proper brushes depends on the formula of the highlighter.

So, these are my favorites in face make up brushes, in my next blog I will share my favorite eye shadow brushes.



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