Fall Fashion Trend For Women 2018

All the pumpkins are out, and the crispy sound of leaves falling has also began, you have started to feel little chilly in the mornings and also noticed the days are getting shorter, yes, that time of the year is here, Fall is here, where you can become the ultimate style diva. For me, Fall is indeed the most fashionable season. There are so many opportunities to mix and match, not only with the clothes but also with the shoes, accessories, scarves, cardigans, boots everything. And this year too, I love the fall fashion trend. So, here I will discusss some of my favourite Fall trends that are wearable for everyday and are inspired by the famous runway shows.

Trend no.1- Shades of Brown And Vibrant Red-

The dominant colors for this season are red and browns. Usually, every year the darker colors come out for the fall season, like Berry, Violet, Maroons, and so for this season we can see a lot of browns and reds.

Trend no2. Leopard Print-

The very popular leopard style is getting a foot forward to the top trends. Now leopard can be found anywhere, from the coats to shoes.

Trend No.3- Oversized Sweaters-

Oversized cardigans in pastel and bright shades with adorable knits are in trend and can be found in any stores.

Trend no.4- Embroidered Denim Jackets-

They are in trend from last spring, and now the embroideries are getting bigger and bold.

Trend No.5- Florals And Plaids-

Yes, florals are staying, specially with dark colours like black, navy blue, burgundy’s. And plaids are also in for this season, from trousers to jackets to coats, you can flaunt your most loved plaids and florals almost everywhere.

Trend No.6- Big Earrings-

The bigger the bigger, big chunky earrings are stealing the shows for Fall 2018 Fashion Shows. Perfect to pair up with coats and oversized sweaters.

Fashion Trend no.7- Mid Cuff Boots

Mid cuff boots are another fashion statement in this fall.

Hope you like my top 7 wearable trends for this fall season. So, go and refresh your closets and take selfies with the fall foliage. I would love to see some of your fall favourites. Share your fall fashion pictures.



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