Down to the Aisle

Today is a special day,

Today we will make our new way

With you by my side, I will drift myself away

As the morning start

I can sense that I don’t want to be anymore apart

Friends are here, with good wishes in their heart

I am preparing myself for the new start

I have worn the gown now

It’s as white as the snow

I know it will look perfect when I stand beside you

I wonder how are you?

I am nervous, I am pale, but my thoughts are ready to flow

I have started my walk, while everybody else is welcoming me as they stand

I can see your eyes, twinkling from behind,

Those promising eyes, warming me from my fright.

My hands are sweating, heels are shaking,

But I am walking, walking to you,

Down to the aisle, you are,

Reaching out, eager.

Here, now I am here,

Feeling like a princess without any doubt

Hold me, hold me tight

As I am here to say my vows right.

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