Spring-summer finds from IKEA

I love to go to Ikea for shopping, my kids love their meatballs and deserts and my elder one is always interested in the play area. I like their seasonal stuff, as well as their space-saving types of furniture. Last Sunday we visited local Ikea store to find some new fresh looks for our home and bingo we got what we have wanted.

There was some special display on the sustainable materials, I like the idea, we need more environment-friendly products around us. But what I really like about these eco-friendly materials is that they are mostly from India.

I am quite familiar with these materials, those can be easily found in Indian villages. The whole Ikea looks like a greenhouse.

There are lots of options to choose from the artificial green indoor and outdoor plants, colorful floral decor, beautifully printed curtains to eco- friendly products.

It was so refreshing in there that I wanted to redo my entire home. I got some really nice deal though. Now, I am excited to place those around my house and be ready for the summer entertainments.

Hope you like my spring- summer finds. Share your favorite finds for this season.

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