Bengali New Year

I am a proud Bengali, every year on 15th April we celebrate our New Year. Bengalis love their language, we love our heritage, we love our poems and songs, we love our politics, we love our culture, but mostly we love our food.Yes, Bengalis are one of the greatest foodies. We think that our Mutton Biriyani is the best in the lot, we think that we are the only one who can cook prawns and other fishes to its perfection. We are by born the rice lover, rice without a day means something is missing. Like food and politics, we love Rabindranath Tagore, the famous poet, lyricist, artist, writer, and Nobel Prize winner.Our celebrations are incomplete without Tagore.Bengali New Year is a very emotional celebration for me, it’s been almost 10 years that I am away from my city.But I didn’t stop celebrating, now I celebrate with my kids and husband. It has been changed though, but some traditions remain the same.We still call our parents and elders to get blessings and wishing our friends and family for a great year ahead. We still like to wear new dresses on this day, clean our houses, cook our authentic Bengali dishes and we still remember Tagore. No matter where we are or where we will be, the tradition will be continued, from my parents to me and then to my kids.

Take a glance at my collage and you will understand how we celebrate the Bengali New Year. We start our traditional feast with fried flatbread and potato curry, then on the entree, we have vegetable, lentil soup, Bengali yellow sweet fried rice, fish curry, mutton/chicken curry and we finish it with our very famous sweet yogurt and sweets.This year also I am planning to do the same.Wishing you A Happy Bengali New Year.

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