This is my first time in the quote challenge. I am really excited to write my favorite quotes.

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors.The book Alchemist is one of his greatest creation. It tells about the meaning of life.The book is filled with inspirational quotes, among them, my favorite quote is this- “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

I truly believed in those lines. It explains that if you want something so badly, that the Universe itself helps you in every possible way to get that. It says about your desperation of wanting something will make your destiny, believe yourself and the world will follow you. Your inner strength, your optimism will make it happen. So, dream, dream big and want them, make plans, make promises that you will fulfill your dream and you will own them one day. Never lose hope, and always remember, the Universe is on your side.

Thank youRudra Makwana, Tinte for giving me this opportunity.

Rules of the 3-day quote challenge-

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Post three different quotes for three consecutive days.
  • Write about the Quote’s importance in your life.
  • Nominates three different bloggers for each day.

Day 1 nominees for this quote challenge-

Baffled Mum

The Godly Chic Diaries


Happy Blogging.

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