Our Favorite books

Books are one of the weaknesses we have in my family, everytime we enter any bookstore, we become so tempted and every time we have to buy books for each one of us. We love to read. Me, husband and my daughter, we read books every day, during breakfast, lunch or dinner, before going to bed, during vacation, during the long journey and even in the bathrooms. We have our own collection of books. Often we rent books from the library, read online books and buy from here and there. Here, I tried to create 3 different collage with some of our all-time favorite books.

My daughter’s favorite books:

She likes to read mystery stories. She likes Junie B. Jones and Amelia Bedelia series. Her all-time favorite author is Dr. Seuss. She already collected all Dr. Seuss books. Recently, she develops interests in comics like Dogman and Tintin.

My favorite books:

My list of favorite books is little spread out. I like to read my Bengali books, inspirational books like The Alchemist, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Poems like Gitanjali by Tagore, romantic novels by Daniele Steel. And I love classic British mystery series like Sherlock, Poirot and Miss Mapel. among the Indian authors, I like to read my favorite author (since childhood) Satyajit Ray’s books, Amish, famous Bengali authors like Sunil and so on. Really, I have a wide variety of choices, if I have the time I can be hooked on any kind of books and continue to read until I finished the book. I remember before the exams also, I read detective novels for the whole night. I can be that much crazy for books.

My husband’s favorite books:

His choices of books are the true reflection of his persona. He likes photography books, thrillers, short stories, and of course Tintin.

Share your favorite books and tell me how these books inspired you.

Happy Blogging.

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