My favourite Summer Fragrances under $30

I love perfumes, especially the floral undertones, not very strong though. For everyday use, I like softer but not very pricey ones. Here are some of my summer favourites and the best thing is all of them are under $30.

VERA WANG PERFUME EMBRACE– A sweet floral perfume, great for night time.

HAPPY PERFUME FOR WOMEN BY CLINIQUE– It has a fresh sweet undertone, great for the spring-summer time. I got so many compliments.

DAVIDOFF COOL WATER SUMMER SEAS– A perfect light clean fresh perfume for those summers afternoons.

TOMMY GIRL SUMMER–  A softer scent, if you don’t like the strong smell of the original Tommy Girl, then it will be perfect for you.

VICTORIA SECRET LOVE IS HEAVENLY BODY MIST– I like the body mist, especially after the bath, it is a beautiful blend of florals.

PHILOSOPHY PURE GRACE ENDLESS SUMMER BODY WASH- great for summer, if you like Gardenia, then it’s a must-have.

VICTORIA SECRET ROLLERBALL SETS– A collection of top 3 VS perfumes. Great for gifting.

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