My Favourite 5 Cities in the ​USA

As one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, The United States has much to see from picturesque coastlines to beautiful mountain ranges, from the east coast to west coast, north to south, from twinkling city lights to the majestic skylines. Here, I would like to say about my favorite 5 cities in The USA.

NEW YORK- This city never sleeps, yet New York often called the city of dreams.From Manhattan to China town, from Brooklyn Bridge to Statue Of Liberty, in each corner of the city, you can find uniqueness.This city has its own style. It’s not called the Big Apple for nothing- this city is the center of the worlds of finances, fashion, music, art, Broadway shows, literature, architecture. Each day thousands of tourists visit NYC. New York is one of our family favorites. Kids love the Central Park and I love everything about New York, from museums to street shopping, from the late nights in Times Square to New-York style pizza.


SAN FRANCISCO- My second favorite city is SFO. I still remember the traffic we had to face when entering the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was almost covered with dense fog, I could not see the top of the bridge, got a little bit annoyed and tired of the traffic, and all of a sudden, sunrays came upon, and I can still remember those shining red bridge poles flashed in front of my eyes. Like New York, SFO has also much to offer. We participated in a walking tour of the city, it was quite a learning experience, it helped us to understand SFO’s rich culture and history. We have some beautiful memories of that trip, even we got lost once when trying to find the World’s most crooked Lombard Street. Riding on the cable cars was so nostalgic, it reminded my childhood memories from Kolkata. I loved to visit Fishermans Warf, the awkward noises of seals, the sweet smell of sourdough, the people, the walk, everything was dreamlike.


LAS VEGAS-  “Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.” – Drew Carey. True by all means.Las Vegas, we had a blast there. The days usually started with endless breakfast buffets and nights ended wandering on the Vegas Strip. Trying our luck in casinos was the best part, of course, but roaming around on Gondola In the Venetian Palazzo, watching Bellagio’s Water show, tasting food in Ceaser’s Palace also worth the excitement.Whether you win or you lose, you always feel euphoric in that dazzling oasis, in Las Vegas.


MIAMI- From the glamorous beaches to trendy South Beach nightlife, Miami is always one of the most famous tourist spots. Feeling vintage, go to the Art Deco district. Want to taste the multicultural cuisine, go to the fabulous Miami restaurants, where you can find Cuban, Ethiopian and authentic Carribean cuisine. Even I got a chance to taste my Bengali food in Bengal Indian Cuisine restaurant.


CHICAGO- It is not as a popular tourist destination as NYC or Las Vegas, but Chicago has its own beauty. Love the spectacular skylines, the historic skyscrapers, the navy pier, the Riverwalk, museums, beautiful architectures, from Millennium Park to the Skydeck at Willis Tower, in every bit of Chicago is a mixture of history and contemporary world. Whether it’s a story behind Chicago gangsters or story behind beautiful architectures, this Windy City is not going to disappoint the tourists. If shopping is in your mind, go for a walk to the Magnificent Mile, where all the world-class brands are waiting for you.


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