Summer Makeup Without Foundation

Summer is coming, beach days are coming, vacations are coming. But along with that heat and sweating are also coming. I like my makeup but in summer months I use minimal makeup, the lesser the better. There are many options available in the market which are good for summer – like Bb cream, cc cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation with SPF etc. But for everyday light makeup look, I like to follow these steps…

Moisturiser- yes, in summer months also you need moisturizers, because of the heat and sweating. Even all day air conditioning can make our skin dull and dehydrated. So, put any lightweight moisturizer or gel-based moisturizer after cleansing.

Sunscreen- even if you are planning to stay inside the room, you need sunscreen in the daytime to secure yourself from the harsh sun ray. Also, use sunblocks before going to pool.

Concealer- if you don’t have the dark circle under the eye or any marks on your skin, then you are lucky, you don’t have to put concealer on. No such luck for me, so I like to put concealer now and then. I don’t like to apply foundation for my everyday look, especially in summer as I want to avoid too many layers of makeup on my face. Just a bit concealer here and there and I will be summer readyIMG_6698

Face compact/ Banana face powder/ Translucent powder- any kind of face powder is good to give you the fresher look. Carry it in your purse, dab a little bit on your face when necessary and you will notice that oil-free look all day long.

Eyebrow- I like to shape my eyebrow and fill it in with the eyebrow pencil or any dark brown eyeshadow, it gives me a clear look. Don’t make it too strong or it may look little harsh without any eye makeup. Remember, in summer everything should be minimal.

Blush- to get the sun-kissed cheeks, a little touch of blush is all you need.

Lips- it can be a little gloss, any neutral matte or just lip balm, softer smoother lips are always in for summer fashion.

Mascara-Usually, I avoid eyeliners in summer, but I use mascara. A little bit of mascara always helps to brighten the eyes.

Be gorgeous and be summer ready.

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